50/50 cheese and charcuterie


All our charcuterie and cheese with nothing else so you can build your own hamper! 


Coppa - pork collar/shoulder, marbled with fat, melts in the mouth.

Finocchiona - Fennel salami with a subtle, aniseed flavour. 

Bresaola - Delicious, slightly spiced air-dried beef with a hint of chilli. 

‘Prosciutto’ style air dried ham - cured silverside in the style of a classic prosciutto crudo. 


75g Spenwood - Supple, sheep's milk cheese with a thin natural rind. Sweet milky flavour that develops with maturity. 

Brefu Bach (half) - Warm, bright and creamy sheep’s milk cheese. Unpasteurised, vegetarian.

75g Ticklemore - Fresh, lemony goat’s cheese with natural rind, made from pasteurised goat’s milk. Pasteurised, vegetarian.

50g Beenleigh Blue - Moist, crumbly, exceptionally rich blue cheese with flavours ranging seasonally from floral to yoghurty. Pasteurised sheep’s milk, vegetarian.

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